Happy Anniversary
In honor of the 90th anniversary of women obtaining the vote I am posting a picture of my grandmother's banner that she wore during her many years of fighting for the vote. She started in college (class of 1904) and went around the country working for the vote until her mother died.She then limited her work to her home state of NY. She even took my mother to one of the last suffragette parades in NY.

Here's to you and all the ones like you, Grandmother. Every time I vote I think of you.

Arizona's new "law"
I posted this as a comment on a friend's LJ and realized that I should also post on mine. My disgust for this "law" is unending.

The law is so dangerous because it also gives individuals the right to sue the police for failing to enforce the law.

Arizona is going to have an avalanche of lawsuits, probably from both sides. And it is clear that this will not solve the problems that I understand were the basis for its passage. Drug cartels really aren't going to care if they are pulled over - they simply will shoot their way out. It is the innocent worker who will bear the brunt of it along with innocent civilians.

My grandparents died in Nazi Austria because of quotas. I am a firm believer in no quota immigration. We may not want the criminals (though of course, that notorious criminal, John Lennon, had problems with INS!) but otherwise, let in and legalize. Give meaning to the statute of Liberty. Don't become like the Nazis.

Climbing down off of my soapbox.

Good cause
BuzzyMultimedia, http://www.buzzymultimedia.com/ is donating 100% of its profits today to the Haiti relief effort through Doctors without Borders. Great t-shirts and a great cause.

The Daily Show
I really love the Daily Show but man, it annoyed me when I watched yesterday's show. To place the reporting of Rachel Maddow, who has been highlighting the disaster in Haiti, next to the disgusting, sub-human comments of Rush Limbaugh, is disgusting. Don't like what she said, no problem. But nothing compares to the nastiness of Limbaugh, who actually suggested that no one should give money in support of the relief effort going on. And the way it was presented, at least to me, it looked like it was meant to be equivalent comments.

Most disappointing.

And I just had to vent.

Happy Hanukah
Tis the time to light the candles for the first night of Hanukah. Happy holidays all.

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We have cloture!!!!

Thanks to the troops
Nice way to send a message to the troops.

Thanks to Dolimir for the link.

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With all this going on about supporting Roman Polanski, maybe we should free Charles Manson because he has 'paid' for his crime??? <insert sarcasm> I wonder how Polanski would feel about that?

Health care and Ted Kennedy
I propose a US health care meme which might help put faces on how screwed up the current system is.

If you are a US citizen and could never under any circumstances afford private health insurance, copy this meme to your LJ. Even if you have health care through work now, write as if your one-layoff-away-from-losing-it has happened and you're facing the job of getting insurance on your own.

If you have friends or family members who are in the same boat and are not on LJ, feel free to mention them too. I suggest thumbnail descriptions which include no names or identifying information, in the interests of privacy.

The real face of health care should be Ted Kennedy.  It just seems wrong to me that he could not live to see it pass.  For a man with such a tumultuous   personal life, he was an amazing senator and it would have been a tribute to have this done while he lived.  It can still be a tribute to him.

RIP Teddy.

Palin's farewell speech as done by William Shatner - poetry
If you haven't seen this yet, go here and look now!

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